Providing educational resources for hobbyists, including captive care guidelines, husbandry/breeding methods, feeding techniques, and galleries. Information is currently restricted to G. oxycephalum and G. jansenii, but you can expect to see attention given to other species in the near future.

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A collaborative project

This website is a collaborative project but first and foremost the credit for almost all of the articles goes to Freight Freitas. The bulk of the care and species information was originally published (years ago) on his website, oxyjansen.com. With the disappearance of that website and Freight’s exit from the hobby, all of his articles have been reproduced here with his generous permission.

The photos here on the homepage (as well as on various page headers throughout the site) are kindly provided by Chauve Tit and myself. I hope to continue to accumulate content, so you can expect things to change and hopefully expand as time allows.

Information is currently focused almost entirely on G. oxycephalum and G. jansenii. We intend to expand this to cover other species of Gonyosoma as time allows. If you would like to contribute to this project with your own care sheets, photos, or video, please get in touch with us via our contact page.